Privacy Policy

We do not keep any customers details or personal information, by contacting us it is down to the users discretion to disclose their email or phone number depending on their preference on speaking to our business. We may use the contact information you have provided in order to get back into contact with you again if you have requested work from us. We will never contact you if you have decided against being a client of ours and we won't send unwanted emails or text messages to clients. We do not use any personal information other than for the purpose of contacting clients we do not give any information out to third parties. Although we don not keep information on our customers it is possible there will be records of emails and calls however if the customer so chooses we will delete these if the customer feels that the information is not safe as we believe that your privacy is of up most importance and would not want any one who chooses us to be at risk of scams or risk of stolen personal property. 

Many thanks for reading this I hope that this helps relieve any customers that are worried about what happens to their information after getting a quote from us and of course you may contact us about this through email and by calling us by using the below information or it can be found on our home page. 

                                                                        Phone - 07847221489 

                                                    Email address -